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7 Great Ways to Work Out With Your Dog

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on


Looking to add more exercise into your daily routine? Why not do some serious multitasking and get an extra workout when you take your dog out for some fun and games? Here are some great workout ideas to do next time you take your dog outside for a little exercise. You’ll burn a few extra calories and your dog will love you even more for joining in on playtime.


1. Go for a jog/walk: Make sure your daily walks are a minimum of 15-20 minutes long, and throw in some short periods of jogging or sprinting to give you and your dog a little extra cardio. It’s good for both of you to spice up those daily walks.


2. Join in on a game of fetch: Next time you toss your dog her favorite toy, race her to see who can get to it faster. Your dog will probably win this one, but keep doing it…it’s healthy and fun for both of you. Your dog might be a little surprised, but it’s always good to mix things up.


3. Participate in a dog-friendly fun run: Find a dog-friendly 5K run for you and your best friend to do together. Many animal charities host dog-friendly runs as fundraising events. Find one in your area, get some sponsors, and get running.


4. Play Frisbee: Dogs love Frisbee every bit as much as people do. To make a Frisbee toss with your dog more of a workout for you, join a “Disc Dog” team near you and participate in some fun competitions with fellow Frisbee-loving dog owners.


5. Take a hike: Bring you dog with you on your next hike. Look for dog-friendly parks and trails and do a little uphill hiking and rock scrambling with your four-legged friend. It’s a fun and challenging exercise for both of you. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water on hot days.


6. Join your dog in agility training: Who says you can’t run the obstacle course along with your dog when he participates in agility trials? If the other dog owners look at you funny, then just take your dog to any local park with a fitness course and do the fitness course exercises together.


7. Go swimming with your dog: Is your dog getting a little grey in the muzzle? Ease your dog’s achy joints by taking him for a swim. Swimming is a healthy, low-impact exercise for older dogs, and you can get a great workout while you join him for some fun in the water.





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