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7 Best Kettlebell Shoulder Exercises

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on


Working out with kettlebells is a great way to strengthen your shoulder muscles and prevent injuries. The shoulder joint and muscles can be prone to injuries…just ask around at the gym to see how many people have rotator cuff problems. Kettlebell exercises improve strength, mobility, and stability in the shoulders. Here are the 7 best kettlebell shoulder exercises, outlined by orthopedic physical therapist Scott Iardella.


1. Turkish Get Up: The most important exercise for maximizing shoulder joint health and function


2. Windmill: Great for improving range of motion


3. Armbar: Improves stability and opens up rear shoulder complex


4. Military Press: Great strength exercise, also good for stability and mobility


5. Swing: Best exercise for strengthening the rotator cuff and improving overall shoulder health


6. Halo: The most important kettlebell exercise for improving shoulder joint mobility


7. Snatch: A powerful and dynamic exercise for the shoulders…and the entire body



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