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Fitness Wearables: Not Just for Your Wrist

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on


Seems like wristband-style fitness trackers are everywhere these days, with more models and styles coming out all the time.   Wristband trackers are great, but did you know that there are lots of different fitness trackers you can wear pretty much anywhere on your body…from head to foot? Here are some of the coolest fitness wearables around.


Spree Smart Cap

If a sleek baseball cap is more your style than a wristband, consider this SmartCap. This wearable measures your heart rate, temperature, movement, and calories burned. How does it work? It utilizes a wireless performance optimization device (POD) that can also be worn in the Spree headband. The POD syncs wirelessly with the Spree app on your phone. This cool hat comes in black, white, teal, and pink.


Sensoria Fitness Socks

Perfect for runners, these smart socks are infused with textile sensors that monitor key aspects of your running performance, like cadence (steps per minute) and foot landing technique. They connect to a lightweight anklet and send information to a fitness app on your phone. These innovative socks are machine-washable, antimicrobial, and wick away moisture.


Hexoskin Shirts

This futuristic body metric system has sensors woven into the shirt fabric. Hexoskin shirts measure heart rate and heart rate variability, breathing rate and breathing volume, activity (steps, cadence, and calories), and can even monitor your body during sleep. The shirts, which come in different styles, connect via Bluetooth to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Flight Tech Sports Bra

This high tech wearable does double duty as a sports bra and a fitness tracker. Syncs with your phone to give you real-time performance monitoring during your workout: calories burned, miles run, workout time, and heart rate and respiration. The post-workout summary lets you track your progress with data like days since last workout, and even gives you a map of your running route.



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