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5 Foolproof Workout Motivation Strategies

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on


We’ve all been there…there are just some days when we need a little extra motivation to get started on a workout session. Whether we’re feeling a little under the weather, or extra busy with work, or tired from cleaning the house and running errands, sometimes it’s just hard to get going. Here are some great motivational tips that fitness experts recommend when you’re having trouble getting started.


Show your gear some love

It’s a psychological lift to have workout clothes and shoes that fit well and you enjoy wearing. Replace clothes when they wear out (sports bras in particular should be in good shape) and make sure you have a clean set ready to go when others get tossed in the hamper. Experts also recommend that you don’t put your workout gear and clothes away…out of sight, out of mind!


Reward yourself

Give yourself real, concrete rewards when you follow your workout schedule. Sometimes it helps to go beyond saying “I’ll feel good” or “I’ll lose weight.” It’s OK to identify an actual treat you can give yourself after a good session, or week of sessions. Rewards can be anything from a smoothie to a Netflix binge to that massage you’ve been putting off. Don’t feel guilty, you deserve it!


Get organized

Unleash your inner librarian and catalog your workout sessions. Create a spreadsheet to document your daily workouts. Seeing blank columns is a great motivator to do something so you can have the satisfaction of logging what you did. Experts also recommend documenting your workouts on social media. Sounds like TMI, but it’s inspiring when your friends become your virtual cheerleaders.


Music matters

Do you look forward to listening to your favorite music when you work out? Sounds corny but the motivational power of music is very real. Don’t just pick random songs that have the right tempo and rhythm. Choose songs that really matter to you…your favorite band from high school, music you associate with a great relationship or person from the past, even the soundtrack from a movie you love. You can look forward to the memories and emotions meaningful music can evoke.


Sign on the dotted line

Many experts recommend that you sign a commitment contract to get and stay motivated. You can do it online on a site like or just write down something simple like “I will donate $20 to my favorite charity if I don’t do at least 3 workout sessions a week.” Making your commitment official by writing it down and putting your name to it has more of an impact than simply telling yourself that you need to stick to your workout schedule.


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